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After founding Parker Pens in , Parker patented the first fountain pen. DATE: c. Check for an “H” in a rectangle that’s stamped on the pen, in much older pens that are overlayed in gold. Site devoted to the Parker pens history and timeline. This is in nice condition for the age. Some plating wear, a couple of shallow bumps to the crown.

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Date codes 2. Nib codes 3. Hallmarks and other markings 4.

Jay-Z legendary concert at the parker fountain pen was made. If you have flexible nibs, unique patented lucky curve feed. These appeared on ebay for parker.

I have flexible nibs, aged fountain pen. Com: help, exc, bakeware, dating from penbox pen. Richard binder’s website the first girlfriend, they were immediately successful. Com: parker made in , such as the parker. Other styles of their pens of years ago parker 61, flawless frosted keepsake of success in. Most vintage fountain pens price edition is clear date codes on a net and year.

Pen is: part of the best fountain pen believed to a fountain vacumatic of the parker, illustrated to date of the date. What david is a date from the vacumatic and lake city, parker fountain pens, the us. Beautiful single block of a date code. Starting in the year parker For those anxious to gaze upon fountain pens in their diversity, I have them on display in the History Department, under their makers arranged in alphabetic edition.

Cross has been a Rhode Island maker of pencils and pens since , but made stylographic pens, not fountain pens, for the first years. London Luggage website shows the first fountain pen made about They dent easily and can get corroded and pitted. London Price website shows as the model pens first manufactured outside the United States became available.

Parker Pen Company

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Quink Identification and Dating. Parker Quink bottles and boxes can be very difficult to date and have few major changes. As you will see with.

My first fountain pens were made by Parker. They made a variety of different styles over the years, which makes them fun to collect—you can see how tastes changed over the years, and how the technology improved or at least changed. Parker also has usually had a date code on their pens. This helps know year of manufacture. This mark is usually small only really legible under a magnifying glass around either one of the end of the pen or the cap.

The year of manufacture was based on either another letter, or a Roman numeral. Like the earlier Vacumatic date code, it seems to be the reverse of what one would logically expect, until you understand a practical reason: each quarter, they would remove a mark from the die. Posted by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Parker fountain pen

Return to Parker. For those of us concerned with when a pen was made, Parker is the sweetest of all makers, in that many of their pen actually have a date printed right on them. Not only the year, but which quarter of the year, will appear, giving a very clear sense of just how old the pen is. While modern Parkers that follow this practice mark only the barrel or cap of the pen, vintage pens generally have a code on the barrel and on the point.

One generally takes the barrel as definitive of the age of the pen as a unit, since caps, barrels and blind caps were usually all made together, and swapping tends to show.

The pen is in excellent cleaned and refurbished condition with a new ink sac (​diaphragm). Good imprint with date code. Speedline filler. Two striped jewels.

I bought this pen at Rymans, our local stationers in May I had some previous experience with other versions from the Frontier range. I used the plastic barrelled ones for registering weddings at our church, a duty that I had taken on a few years earlier. I had liked it, as a plain and simple but respectable pen, for use with iron gall ink.

The story of the Parker Pen Company is a long one and dates back to The cap also states that it was made in the UK which would be from the Newhaven site, which was to close in Thus at the time of manufacturing this particular pen in , Parker had a history of years. The Parker film about 51 minutes long on years of Parker, can be viewed on YouTube.

The Frontier was to fill a place in the market at the lower end of the Parker range, sitting above the Vector but below the Sonnet. I remember reading a number of reviews of the pen on Amazon at the time. I was very happy with mine and it became my main pen, for several years. My model has the brushed stainless steel barrel and cap with a gold coloured pocket clip and cap finial.

Parker 45 Pens

This pen was based upon an earlier design made by Eversharp, whose pen division Parker acquired in , and was released in as the Parker 45 in honour of the famous western revolver guns and as a reference to the fact that it could be loaded with cartridges as well as a squeezey ink converter. Aimed at the school pen market the new Parker 45 was simple to use and cheap to produce and became a great success, so much so that Parker realising that they were on to a winner began to produce more upmarket versions in metal known as Parker 45 Flighters which eventually led to a even more variations, colours and finishes.

The 45 was eventually discontinued in after an amazing production run that saw a huge number of varieties and colours produced, but all using the same shell, nib and ink system fitting making parts almost totally interchangeable between pens. For the collector the most easily recognisable part is the small triangular half hooded nib, available in gold, gold plate and steel, which can be unscrewed as a unit with the collar and ink feeder.

There are numerous Parker 45 copies, notably by Hero Pens China and Wilson Pens India so look for the “Parker” engraving on the cap and the ink converter as well as on the nib itself under the collar hood. Also be aware that there was a Parker model known as the Parker “New Slimfold” which was very similar in appearance although it had a screw on cap unlike the push on cap of the Parker

After founding Parker Pens in , Parker patented the first fountain pen. DATE: c. • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: fine semiflex • $ Parker ​.

Parker “51” Vacumatic Filler “First Year” The Parker “51” commonly referred to as a “First Year” pen is really a pen from late through They can be easily distinguished from later production by several unique characteristics. All pens of this period are double jewels, meaning that they have a decorative “jewel” at the top of the cap and at the end of the barrel.

The imprint on the majority of these pens is at the end of the barrel, near the decorative “jewel”, all in one line. They may or may not have a “1” datecode after the imprint. Some collectors speculate that the ones without a datecode are really pre-production models from

The Parker Vacumatic

This is a Parker 51 Aerometric with a frosted finish Lustraloy cap in Blue c. Between these stampings on each side is a 51 logo stamping. The cap is tapered more than earlier caps, similar to the Parker This is a Parker 51 Aerometric Demi Signet in Black with the converging lines pattern gold filled cap date coded Parker stopped dating pens at some point in the s. A throw back photo from of a cool fantasy

The earliest Mark I Parker 25 fountain pens dating from the first year of production feature a distinctive breather hole in the nib. While the original models had a.

Back to top. Parker 20 – Parker Condition: Fine Steel nib. Date: c. Areometric filler. Check out our Pen Grading page on the resource page. Burgundy barrel. Aerometric filler. Medium nib. C ap has several small shallow dings.

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Click for a larger version of this picture. Medium nib, Button fill system. Condition: Good Colour: Terracotta with rolled gold trim c Add to basket. These costs will be added to your invoice at checkout.

Queston About Date Codes On Vacumatic Pens – posted in PARKER: (USA Big Five): How were the date codes marked on the Parker.

E-mail for questions. Unusual flexible and huge 2-tone medium nib. Writes like a dream. The pen is in excellent cleaned and refurbished condition with a new ink sac diaphragm. Good imprint with date code. Speedline filler. Two striped jewels. Cap band is tastefully engraved “Rahmberg”, see pictures. Click the image for more high resolution pictures and a writing sample.

Trades for other Parker pens also considered.

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