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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A fine English writing box , oak with brass mounts, interior sumptuously fitted in coromandel and purple velvet with gilded ink pots, circa , James Sherwin antique mahogany brass bound writing box with owner’s name plate on the lid ‘Jas. Sherwin, ‘… Show 38 more like this. Large and extensive flame mahogany brass bound campaign writing box with fully fitted interior including leather writing slope, inkwells and presentation plaque ‘Broad Street Presbyterian Church Sunday School ‘, veneers missing to reverse Show 9 more like this. Tasmanian huon pine and blackwood parquetry writing box, fitted inside, 37 cm wide, 31 cm deep, Colonial musk inlaid writing compendium with fiddleback blackwood interior, thyra inlaid to top, 22 cm high, 38 cm wide, A Regency rosewood or mahogany and brass inlay writing box the box has a two-sided tooled leather writing slope, with interior compartments, pen holders and lower pull out drawer.

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They also made lighter gift sets,. Only the content changed. The pocket lighter box design changed certainly times over the years. This boxes shows photos, along with a brief description, of when the box was used. The dates given are approximate, as there is no conclusive timeline for them.

I have got date for cheques suppose For that I have drawn 8 boxes. But unable to write date in that. In first box 2 should come in.

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Antique Boxes Antique boxes come in lots of different sizes and styles with various uses from a tea caddy to a jewellery box or stationery writing slope. Antique Tea Caddy Antique Tea Caddies were mainly made in the 18th century as Tea was exceptionally expensive so it was locked away in a decorative small box. These were expensive boxes made from rare woods such as rosewood or burr walnut as they were kept out on display.

Antique Writing Slope Antique Writing Slopes or also knows as lap-desks were mainly a 19th Century design where you could have a hinged box that opened to reveal a sloping writing surface, several compartments for stationery, ink wells and ink pen and were used whilst travelling around the world.

View of the Pinnacle: Japanese Lacquer Writing Boxes: Little, Stephen, Lewis, eighty suzuribako, dating from the fourteenth through the twentieth centuries.

View of the Pinnacle is a richly illustrated catalogue featuring more than eighty suzuribako, dating from the fourteenth through the twentieth centuries, from the Edmund and Julia Lewis Collection. Suzuribako, the exquisite lacquer boxes designed to hold the implements used in creating brush-and-ink calligraphy, have for centuries combined utilitarian function with superb craftsmanship.

The art of creating suzuribako came into being during the Heian period in Japan — , when aristocratic culture—both artistic and literary—flourished; it was in full flower during the sixteenth century and continued into modern times. The designs on suzuribako frequently represent highly refined visual representations of classical poetry, literature, mythology, and history.

Diverse subjects are depicted, including religious figures, philosophers, poets, animals, mythical creatures, and landscapes real and imagined. These artistic representations are often combined with calligraphed poems or excerpts from classical literature. In the catalogue, Stephen Little and Edmund Lewis give equal attention to both the literary content of the suzuribako and the lacquer techniques used in crafting them. The literary references and themes, drawn as much from Chinese as from Japanese classical texts, reflect the deep knowledge of Chinese and Japanese classical literature among the literate classes in Japan from the eighth century onward.

A full appreciation of the themes and metaphorical imagery incorporated into many of the boxes requires a deep cultural sophistication on the part of the viewer. In a second essay, John Stevens presents a brief history of Japanese calligraphy and explains its central importance in Japanese cultural expression.

Antique Tea Caddies, Writing Slopes & Small Boxes

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time of writing. Good Practice Guidance 4: Expiry Dates for Medication Good Practice Guidance documents are believed to accurately reflect the literature at the time of writing. Generally, solid original box or individual foils (check patient​.

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When a small-town class reunion turns deadly, a private investigator reaches out to you to help find the killer. New discoveries in the victim’s finances and recent reports make you rethink who the victim was and how he died. Someone new gives their recount of the murder night, but does it support any of the suspects’ alibis? Desperate for new leads, the Private Investigator re-interviews the remaining suspects, and one of them makes a startling unexpected confession.

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Antique Victorian Rosewood Brass Bound Writing Box with a lift up lid that opens to reveal a green leather writing surface and a fitted interior with inkwell. Good condition. A remarkable French c.

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Skip to content. Prepacked food is food that is completely or partially enclosed in packaging, cannot be removed without changing the packaging in some way, and was packed on a premises other than the one it is being sold from. This enables, amongst other things, FBOs to freeze a product if it is appropriate to do so. An FBO that freezes a product needs to indicate the new durability date and give the appropriate conditions of use and storage instructions.

Altering durability dates can have potentially serious consequences and before doing so it is best practice to conduct any necessary research microbiological testing etc to ensure that the safety and quality of the food will be maintained until the new durability date. Regardless of which type of date marking is used you can replace the date with a statement of where the date may be found on the packaging – for example, ‘Best before – see base of pack’.

You may add the year if you wish. The date must be given in the order day, month, year, and be uncoded. If the product is made up of a number of individually prepacked products, the use-by date must appear on each. Other date markings, such as ‘display until’, do not have any legal standing and are confusing to consumers; such date markings should not be used, except in the case of eggs see below. Foods marked with a use-by date must not be sold or displayed for sale after their marked dates.

It is an offence to sell or offer for sale food past its use-by date. For example, ‘Use by 23 January’ means use by the end of the day on 23 January; an offence has been committed if the product is still on display on 24 January.

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